We are Octopus

About Us

Founded in 2015 by Andre Lutter and Mo Hamid, the Octopus team currently has 21 diverse members from 13 different countries. From content to business development to the technology department, the entire team is passionate about the power of visual content to transform experiences. Driven by innovation, including VR, drone and 360° technologies, Octopus is always on the cutting edge. With an international network of creatives, we are already working in 90 countries to help businesses around the world to improve their sales with stunning visual content. Our innovative platform reimagines visual content creation on a global scale.

What Drives Us


We aim to defy limitations through open communication and encouragement of new ideas, pushing ourselves to the highest levels of performance.


We have created an international creative movement that is based on relationships, beginning with transparency and openness.


We are adaptive and take risks, constantly learning and growing with new technologies to meet the ever changing needs of our clients.

The Team

24 Employees from 15 Different Countries